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Hi Beata

It's great to hear from you! You're right, it must have been a good while since I last saw you. Well, a lot of things have changed. Currently, I'm also at home with my son - Henry. He's only four months old but he keeps me busy. I look after him twenty-four-seven.

It's been just 5 months since I left my job but sometimes I feel pretty lonely. Especially at this time of the year. We rather stay at home, as it's too cold outside plus it often rains. Everybody around us has got flu, grrr.. We can’t visit our grandparents either, so the only people I meet are shop assistants...

Every afternoon I watch the clock and look forward to Nathan coming home. But as you can imagine, he's either too tired or hungry or both and the last thing he wants to do is speak to me. He has been given the green light by his boss to start a new project so he's very busy now. And he says he needs some time to relax.... It makes me crazy. Do you have any time to relax? Or do you have any time for yourself? I don't. Henry simply starts crying and my shifts begin. I think men are similar in this behaviour, aren’t they? Nathan sometimes changes a nappy and cuddles Henry, but Henry is still too small and dependant on me. And I'm afraid to move away for a longer time. Even if I go to the shop alone, once in a blue moon, I still think of him... :( Is it same for you?

By the way - tell me - how do you manage it? I can't imagine having two small kids at home! Does someone help you with them? Does Patrick help you?

Uf, too long of an email already. You see, I miss someone to talk to.

Have a great time and hope you manage to write me soon!

Michelle (and Henry)


On a different issue, I'm reading a great book, It's called "Maternity Leave" by Julie Halpern. It's hilarious. Yesterday I laughed so much that I had hiccups. Check if you can borrow it from your library. Nothing can be further from a handbook for mothers than this.


Slovíčka z e-mailu:

a good while - dlouhá doba   


currently - v současné době   


twenty-four-seven - neustále   


flu - chřipka   


look forward to - těšit se na    


green light - souhlas, svolení   


my shift begins - moje směna začíná   


behaviour - chování   


change a nappy - vyměnit plenku   


cuddle - pomazlit   


dependant - závislý  


once in a blue moon - jednou za uherský rok   


by the way - mimochodem  


handle - zvládat   


miss - postrádat   


hilarious - hrozně srandovní  


laugh - smát se/řehtat se    


hiccups - škytavka   


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