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Celým kurzem Vás bude provázet emailová komunikace dvou maminek - Češky Beaty a Angličanky Michelle. Na závěr každého emailu najdete slovní zásobu, která Vám usnadní porozumění a kterou si můžete následně procvičit ve cvičení.

From: Beata Souckova (

Subject: Hi!



Hi Michelle

How are you? Are there any news? Do you still work in GMB? I know it's been a really long time since we last saw each other... I meant to write you sooner, but I postponed it and postponed it... but now I gave myself a New Year's resolution: brush up and improve my English. So I got to writing to you in the end and I hope we can exchange emails from time to time. 

It's been five years since my Erasmus stay in Manchester and I don't have many opportunities to practise English as I'm on maternity leave now. At least, in English it has a normal name. We call it "maternity holiday" in Czech, hahaha. I wonder who could come with such an idea. I imagine holiday as being somewhere by the sea, drinking cocktails, staying up late, waking up LATE ... Anyway, it's not always so bad but I think it's a white lie calling it „holiday“.

I already have two kids, two girls. Ema is nearly 3 years old (2 years and 10 months) and Diane is 10 months old. They're lovely but they occupy most of my time. What I hate most is dressing them, uf.. It takes half an hour, they both try to run away from me, laughing... The worst it is when we need to be somewhere on time. Fortunately, I can put a cap on my head or make a pony tail, because I have no time left to make myself look like a human being.

We live in the same city where I grew up. I am happy that I can bring girls up in the city which I know. My grandparents live here, too and we try to get together every week.

Uf, I see I've already written four paragraphs.  I'm really curious to know what's new in your life. I've seen your wedding photos on Facebook, you looked gorgeous!  And how's Nathan?

Hope to hear from you soon.




Slovíčka z e-mailu:

each other - navzájem  


meant to write - měla jsem v úmyslu/chtěla jsem  


postpone - odložit, odkládat    


a resolution - předsevzetí   


brush up - oprášit    


from time to time - čas od času     


an opportunity - příležitost     


maternity leave - mateřská dovolená     


at least - alespoň                            


a white lie - milosrdná lež                 


occupy - zabírat, obsadit                     


a pony tail - culík                                    


no time left - nezbývá čas                          


get together - scházet se                           


curious - zvědavý                                            


gorgeous - nádherný                                    

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